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What is a weed killer?

Weed killer is a part of the weed control process that involves stopping of the growth of harmful weeds from the garden full of good flora and prevent them from damaging the normal plants. Irrespective of the type of weed, with the passage of time their removal process has gained much of the technical avatar. Gone are the days of removal of these unwanted plants by hands which was very labour intensive. Now specialized herbicides known as weed killers are readily available in the market, which can be sprayed also by the use of specialized weed killer sprayers. This article discusses majorly the parameters for selection of the Best Weed killer.

The choosing parameters

Following are the basic parameters that aid in the selection of the Best Weed killerout of the various options available in the market currently: –

v Emergence- Weed killers are of two types: pre-emergence ones that kill the germinating saplings of the weed and the post-emergence ones that kill the growing weeds. They also differ in their time and duration of the application and hence the choice needs to be made according to the pest condition of the garden, so as to ensure proper growth of the flora.

v Selectivity- Some weed killers selectively kill the weeds without harming its vicinity while some just kill the weeds along with the plants in the vicinity to the same. Hence proper choice needs to be made as per the degree of the weed growth in the garden.

v Persistence- The weed killer should be persistent enough to kill the weed completely before its chemical action gets exhausted, else it might just turn out to be a waste of efforts.


v Chemical action- Weed killers are meant to attack a particular type of weed and hence this compatibility needs to be checked before going for any purchase.