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Compare the Toyota Prius to Kia Niro

Whoever stated a streamlined fuel-sipping hybrid could not likewise be Interesting? Perhaps it requires to be aerodynamic. However, it can not needs to appear to be an out of control science endeavor blended with some sci-fi future-set movie. An efficient minimal hybrid may only resemble a cross over. And, it might still possess most the utility and technology expected at a cutting trip ride. At least that is what Kia engineers and designers allegedly thought while they conjured the Niro.

Prius Meets Sportage

From the outside, it looks like an Inferior Sportage – that Means a wide stance, rich varieties, and Niro vs Prius signature tiger-nose grille. Short overhangs along with 18 Inch metal wheels enhance its athletic look. Grey plastic sheeting around the wheel wells and accenting the decrease side protect the flanks as a bag rack offers space for the gear. LED tail lamps and spoiler provide followers an excellent opinion.

The inside befits a smaller variant of this Cadenza high-end sedan. Vast horizontal dashboard expanses contain the touchscreen navigation and sound above controls to the automatic climate. Designers pop up using contrasting blue stitching to get the leather, and piano black accents on the doors and games, along with gloomy encircles for its air vents.

Knobs and switches feel accurate. Engineers gave particular focus on decreasing Breeze, road, and power train noise for tranquil travel.

Gas vs. Batteries

Providing the gasoline-burning Portion of the Power Train is a 1.6-liter lookup engine earning 104 horsepower. It uses an exhaust heat recovery system to accelerate warmup and decrease contamination. The exciting part is symbolized with a Lithium Ion Polymer battery located underneath the back seats and hammering a 43 horsepower engine between your transmission and engine. Of torque to get pretty spirited acceleration. Fuel economy is ranked a superbly frugal 52/49-MPG city/hwy. For base versions, 46/40-MPG for Touring versions.

However, driving a hybrid vehicle is infrequently an enjoyable adventure. Kia Eradicates the Highspeed Weed-eater texture Silent electrical power makes you moving before the petrol engine flames as well as the transmission changes cleanly through its gears. Regenerative brakes, that replenish the bolts during deceleration, texture a little tender, but perform their job without even playing.

Therefore, the transparent competition for your Niro is that the Toyota You could also think of that the Chevy Cruze Diesel. However, none of those cars provide the elegant Style, inside space, and 50-MPG given by t