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Compatibility of Toyota Sienna vs. the Honda Odyssey 2019

Let us face parenthood can frequently feel just like being at a road Of course when you want to function as previous mommy position (or daddy, naturally ), you are going desire a strong competitor among kid-and-cargo carriers that will assist you in fighting the great fight. A minivan is a no brainer with this particular question, but using a kid’s safety being a parent’s overriding concern, that one might be the undisputed champ in regards to adapting car chairs?

Last week, we now pitted against two of their very Well-known minivans on the Economy — both the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica and the 2019 Honda Odyssey — against another to ascertain that will stand better to your Automobile Seat Checks. While both are capable of safely and nearly glamorized your brood in place to put the Odyssey has been the winner intentionally in that particular bout.

Last upgraded for 20 17, the Sienna obtained a 30-horsepower bulge Out of its 3.5-liter v six engine, steered through a brand new eight-speed automated transmission. Sienna vs. Odyssey comparison favorite minivan boasts sufficient cottage distance and reachable lower Latch anchors — however, can its catchy top tether anchors be its undoing from the squared circle? Continue reading to learn.

2019 Honda Odyssey Child Car Seat Check

For our Toilet Seat Check of the Odyssey, we analyzed an Eight-passenger model having a three-position second-row plus it also fit three car seats over — a massive advantage for more prominent families or anybody who may be ferrying across other people’s children together side their particular. With lots of room for child car seats in the rows, besides, to available in Latch rolls all through, the Odyssey places itself as the one to overcome.

2019 Toyota-Sienna Child Car Seat Check

We analyzed a version armed with second-row captain’s seats; A removable center position can be found. Setup of our baby, rear-facing convertible and booster chairs in the next row was a breeze and also demanded little additional maneuvering beyond removing the top restraints to your booster. Even the third-row forward-facing seat went in readily as a result of well-positioned Latch anchors and adjustable chair cushions, while access into the next row is exemplary as a result of sliding-and-folding second-row chairs. Meanwhile, the hard to find top tether anchors from the next row, combined with potentially confounding third-row lower Latch anchors and floppy seatbelt buckle foundations at the next led in specific penalties.

The Verdict

This is a struggle to the end, as judges’ scorecards revealed The Odyssey edged from the Sienna in its second-row Latch score, even as the Sienna accommodated our booster chair at the next row somewhat better.

Thus do we now have a draw? Nope. How the Odyssey has been Competent to fit three car seats along with its next row proves are the winning punch it had to property. Because we mentioned, the Sienna does provide a detachable center position, but regrettably for its Toyota, its rival grown to the ring so considerably better prepared. (We’ll be delighted to point a rematch when we examine the Sienna armed with this particular center chair.)’s Editorial section is the source for Automotive reviews and news. According to’s longstanding integrity Policy, reviewers and editors do not accept presents or free trips from automakers. The Editorial section is separate from’s advertisements, earnings, and Sponsored content sections.