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Explore The Feminine Part Hidden In You With Forced Feminization

Are you bored with your male body? Do the standards set by the society for your masculine gender seem a limitation to your dreams? Do you want to try a female lifestyle with all the attributes of dressing, makeup and behaviour? Or seeing a different aspect, do you want to feminize your male partner for an enthralling BDSM experience?

Forced Feminization

Well if you want the above to come true, try Forced Feminization and revel in sissy lifestyle. If you were always attracted with the female sex and wanted to sport long hairs, huge breasts and a feminized living pattern, you should get enrolled into a sissy home and get the right training to be a good and yielding female. For those women who are a dominatrix and want their husbands to lay their weapons, send them to a sissy house and seethe transformation.

What is Forced Feminization?

It is a sizzling way of having fun and trying something unnatural to add to the fun in your sex life and taking BDSM to the next level. Forced Feminization dressing the male partner in female attire and it may also be seen as treating the male partner in a submissive way. The popular word used for Forced Feminization Is sissification which finds its roots in old British and American traditions.

Forced Feminization may also include an anal sex dose to men by the dominatrix using a strap-on dildo or insertion from a male. Sex toys play a very special role and butt plugs or other anal penetrative sex toys may also be used. A feminized male may be forced to perform oral sex on a male which is a presentation of the traditional acts expected from women.

Probe a different world of pleasure with forced feminization and live a feminized life.