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Group Test: Toyota Prius vs Hyundai Ioniq

Both automobiles on evaluation are fairly similarly-sized. However, the Toyota Prius may be your bigger car.

Span, the Hyundai ioniq vs Toyota Prius is just 7 centimeters more than the Hyundai 1 reason that the Ioniq feels only a bit more settled at higher rates, however, may be that the simple fact that the Hyundai can be a significant number more extensive — 6cm more comprehensive, more in 1,820mm.

To the Attention, but These cars seem similar in size, and They genuinely are. The boots are identical to that only 1 liter of freight agility divides them the Hyundai includes 456L, the Toyota 457L. Neither car features an instead well thought out boot distance, though, with all the Toyota’s shopping bag hooks getting exchanged for internet from the Hyundai Ioniq. Nevertheless, the Prius uniquely provides a range for its freight cover to be kept under the boot floor when not being used.

The extra 7 centimeters of span creates the Prius that the Roomier car from the backseat, where both head room and leg room are significantly through to the Ioniq. Even the Hyundai’s second-row seat will offer greater conveniences, though, together with back air vents at the door pockets (Toyota — rear seat riders do prefer to breathe, so you realize ). The Ioniq also only continues its soft touch substances to the trunk. Both cars have a center armrest with two cup holders, map pockets, along with door-mounted jar holders. The Toyota uniquely comes with a 12-volt socket straight back — but neither of these has a lot more open USB ports in the backseat!

The leading cottages of the automobiles are quite functional, including An array of cubbies to save natural products. Even the Prius features a sturdy central box which may fit a notebook indoors, and two large cup holders before this, one USB interface, an invisible charging pad, and also affordable door bins. Even the Ioniq has more distances, for example, sectioned door bins, a bigger glove box, two deep cup holders and an invisible charging pad beneath the air conditioning controllers, which also houses two USB interfaces.

Hyundai is still to announce pricing to your Ioniq. However, it is Likely the hybrid vehicle is going to occur after the others of the Hyundai scope in offering low scheduled care expenses.

Hyundai covers all of its vehicles using A5 year/unlimited kilometers warranty. Toyota’s assurance is radically inadequate, together with coverage limited by three years/100,000km, even although the Prius battery is justified for two years/160,000km. Hyundai is to declare some particular parts warranties due to its incoming hybrid vehicle and fully electric vehicles.

Toyota possesses a restricted cost servicing program because of the It’s quite cost sufficient to service that the Prius, though: $140 a 10,000km or six weeks, this means a yearly $280 service cost for some Australians, that will be entirely affordable.


A transparent thread works through this contrast that reproduces one Car across the opposite.

But durability counts for nearly glamorized whenever a rival is permitted to walk with an exceptionally electric power train and much more features at what’s highly more likely to become a more desirable price.

Do when it happens to the Australian market in approximately $35,000 before On Road expenses, as its manufacturer says it’s going to.

Plus, the Ioniq shows deep thinking for Hyundai inside their option to generate the Ioniq blatantly vanilla. Where the Prius is now adventuresome, polarising, to take a look in, and the Hyundai is safe and conservative. Sure, it’s only a little boring inside and outside. However, it is going to make it easier for folks to embrace more significant economic driving technology, that needs to function as the principal goal.

The Prius deserves genuine credit for focussing more focus In the previous few years on forcing dynamics — that the TNGA stage is a highlight. However, the subsequent generation of Toyota’s hybrid vehicle will have to step a lot more.

Toyota Should deliver better battery technology to Australia to Drive fuel intake down much farther, of course when Hyundai can send a 35,000 price to his or her top-shelf Ioniq hybrid vehicle, lookout.

This marketplace highly prices elastic also it seems like, only Since Apple walked right into cellphones and stole the match apart from the entrenched Brands, Hyundai can complete the same together with the Ioniq line up.