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The Precautions to Follow During Ear Stretching

There is an increasing trend of Ear Stretching across the world and people are undergoing this practice in a bid to accommodate larger jewellery with fashion. But, before you undergo this process it is necessary that you take some precautions to avoid further complications. This is the age-old tradition which was first started in India, South America, East Asian Countries and Other old Civilizations of Egypt. It is considered to be the symbol of beauty, status and both. If you are planning to undergo this procedure it is necessary to get the job done by professional piercing experts. There are some precautions which you need to follow in order to avoid the complications and pain which you may experience during the process.


Piercing Earlobes Gradually

If you already have your ear pierced of 18-20 size and you want to stretch the ear to ear gauge of 00 then don’t pierce a large hole. You must start gradually as punching the hole can simply eliminate the chunk of tissue from your earlobes. This may make the sizing back down and starting the process gradually provides sufficient healing time and hence preventing any scars and restoring the flexibility of the lobes.

Maintaining Hygiene

Prior to starting the Ear Stretching process, it is necessary that you maintain a proper hygiene. You must prefer applying vitamin E oil on your earlobes to soften it and also apply warm water compress on the areas to enhance circulation and maximize the flexibility of the loves which would become easier for stretching.


There are many acrylic tapers which you must avoid using as it can easily release toxins. You must also avoid using the bone plugs or wood, instead, you may make use of stainless steel tapers which are safe and make the process easier and simpler for you.

How to Use Ear Stretching Kits

In a bid to accommodate larger jewelry and for fashion most of the people are now doing Ear Stretching. It is the practice where the earlobes are pierced using specialized tools to accommodate larger jewelry. Generally, the stretching of the ears requires years of patience and hard work to achieve that perfect size of earlobes, especially those are in need of larger earlobes. Depending on the size of the piercing, the earlobes have the potential to heal on its own. In a bid to accelerate the healing of the earlobes you may use vitamin E and massage it on affected areas to heal faster. Today, there are many DIY Ear Stretching kits available in the market which can help you to accomplish the stretching of ears successfully with little or no pain. But it is necessary for you to know how to use the kit for successful results. There is a stainless steel taper available in the kit which will help you stretch the earlobes for the normal piercing to 0-gauge size or 8mm size.

How to use The Ear Stretching Kit?

Before you make use of the tapers, it is necessary that you sterilize it and wash the ears and hands using antibacterial soap. Before starting the process you must soak your ears in warm water and massage it gently to improvise circulation, soften and relax the muscles and tissues which will allow the taper to pass through easily. You also need to lubricate the taper with the help of liquid soap or Vaseline which will allow the taper to pass through.
Now gently push the taper in the piercing to allow it go through the earlobes and ensure to know the exact size that you want to achieve. You may experience a bit of pain sensation which is normal. Once you are done allow it to heal before wearing any jewelry.