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Mobile Phones Forensics

Use Of The Mobile Phones Forensics

Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. From a call to searching any information on Google and for recording videos, and capturing moments in our daily lives, we have become a lot dependent on Smartphone. Also, with huge demand and easy accessibility of this5-inch screen which has a whole world in it, use of desktop and PC has become very rare. People hardly make an effort to use a laptop or desktop because its time consuming and takes more efforts.

Mobile Phones Forensics

Because of the huge dependability on Smartphone, our daily schedules and everyday routine things also require a smartphone. From texting an SMS to a WhatsApp call or a video call and Calls on a regular basis, we use a smartphone for everything. Thus, it has become a good source to collect information on plenty of things while investigating. From persons daily routine to the name of people he contacts and how long the call duration was, everything is done through mobile phone forensics. They are investigating doctors for collecting, investigating and analyzing information from the phones.

Here is the important information we get from mobile phone forensics

  • The call recordings and call duration of every It can be helpful in knowing the contacts of a person, how frequently he calls and at times, even the conversation recording can be collected for investigation.
  • The text messages which might include phone numbers, names, addresses, and account details can help in investigating a case. Also, personal chats can help in knowing the purpose of the crime.
  • Web history speaks a lot about a person, his life, what he does on a regular basis and what kind of information he looks for. In most cases, a crime is inspired by a movie, video or other sources, thus, it can be a help in searching forevidence as well.

Therefore, getting services from Mobile Phones Forensics can be a great help during the investigation and for taking the trial in the right direction.